I must close my doors to breeding my beloved Savannah Babies….

All Savannah kittens are TICA Registered

Queen Daisy – Last 2 babies… and I must close my breeding doors …2 Male Savannah F4 TICA registered

Born May 17, 2022 – Ready to go home now.

Price drop to $1,500 each or $2,500 for the pair- Must have a new home now

Queen Daisy – Savannah F4 TICA registered babies7 – F4 Savannah Babies Born December 26, 2021

4 Males & 3 Females – Adopt your Savannah Kitten

F4 TICA Registered Savannah Kittens – $2,000.00 each or $3,800.00 for a pair 🙂
Males & Females Available – Adopt NOW $2,000.00 Each – All Savannahs are TICA registered

Queen BubbieSavannah F3 TICA registered babies born

August 9, 2021 – All have been adopted

Just hours old….. so precious and beautiful
From top to bottom. Female, Male, Male
Queen Bubbie has a helper with her litter of 3…..her 1st kitten born, Oddie.

Male #1 Oval eyes – $2,000.00 ADOPT NOW
Male – Oval eyes picture taken 9.20.21
Male #2 Round eyes – $2,000.00 ADOPT NOW

Male – Oval eyes 9.20.21

Male – Round eyes 9.20.21
Male – Round eyes 9.20.21
Female – $2,000.00 ADOPTED

Queen Kiara

Savannah F3 TICA registered babies born

July 19, 2021 – SOLD !!!

Adopt Now – $2,500.00 each

Baby #1 – SOLD “California
Baby #2 – SOLD “California”

Baby #1
Baby #1
Baby #1
Baby #2 – SOLD
Baby #2 – SOLD
Baby #1 – ADOPT NOW


F6 Savannah – Born April 29, 2021 @10:29am

Male – $1,100.00

He is so handsome. A ball of Savannah Fur. – ADOPTED ON June 28th 2021 🙂



F3 Savannah 2 Babies Born July 30, 2019

21.25% Serval 

$2,500.00 – TICA Registered


… Photography by The Ragland Group  🙂



F3 Savannah Babie Born June 16, 2019

20.75% Serval 

$2,500.00 – TICA Registered

Female – SOLD


F3 Savannah Babies Born March 30, 2019

23.75% Serval – SOLD

$2,400.00 – TICA Registered




F3 Savannah Baby Born April 25, 2019

19.75% Serval  – SOLD

$2,250.00 – TICA Registered



F3 Savannah Baby Born March 2, 2019

1 Kitten in Litter – SOLD

Prior Litters………

Queen Sheba gave birth…2018

F6 Savannahs 

Adult F6 from previous Queen Sheba Litter

Sold                                                                     Sold                                     Sold

 * *


F3 Savannah Baby Born June 11, 2018

1 Kitten in the Litter – WOW

23.75 % Serval


* * * 


23.75% Serval!!  TICA Registered

ALL the Wild * All the LOVE 




Recent Litters



QUEEN DOLIE’ F3 Savannah Kittens

Recent Litters


Have you always dreamed of having your kitty and puppy growing up best of friends…. Dreams do come true.  When requested, I can customize your little Savannah kitten to fill your dreams



Spots of Africa is a TICA registered cattery striving to provide new best friends to those who wish to “walk on the Wild Side” with an exotic cat as part of their family. We hand raise our kittens in our home, with our German Shepherd mix dogs, kids, other cats, and friends. Our kittens for sale are vaccinated before departure and will be inspected by our loving veterinarian prior to being released to their new family.

Litter of beautiful F6 Kittens for Adoption – coming again soon



Queen Bubbie 

F4 Savannah Baby Born January 12, 2021 @3:20am

$1,700.00 – TICA Registered

Male – SOLD

Photo pending…… Brown male savannah with dark brown spots

Play time

Queen Bubbie bathing her kitten.
I love my mommy.. Queen Bubbie

Savannah Kittens for sale and advanced adoption papers are available for those who want to
pre-register for a kitten.

I offer a Military discount of 10%