How Big Do These Cats Get?

The biggest cats are F1 Savannahs and males of the F2 Generations. They get about 2 and a half times larger than regular house cats, with their weight from 15 to 28 pounds, and occasionally, over 30 pounds. F3 males are often still considerably bigger than a regular house cat.



Spots of Africa is a TICA registered cattery striving to provide new best friends to those who wish to “walk on the Wild Side” with an exotic cat as part of their family.  We hand raise our kittens in our home, with our German Shepherd mix dogs, kids, other cats, and friends. 

Kittens arrived New Years Eve 2016. F3 litters are also due early February 2017 and early March 2017.  Adopt your Savannah kitten, get on our waiting list.
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