SAVANNAH CATS – Kittens Galore !


Spots of Africa offers affectionate yet wild looking savannah kittens to the elite cat owner -Walk on the wild side, own a Savannah. California Born, exotic, hybrid kittens.



Lori, the owner of Spots of Africa has been raising and rescuing cats for over 32 years.  She fell in love with the Savannah cat 10 years ago and has been breeding ever since.  Now in an effort to offer you the most beautifully spotted cat to be your next pet, we are offering you Savannah kittens.  Spots Of Africa knows it is a new world and a new adventure for many people to get a Savannah, which is the worlds tallest cat.  Lori’s life love is cats and her goal is to help others “find their next best friend”.    She is offering large savannah cats with a HIGH PERCENTAGE of serval.  You will find F3, F4 and F6 SAVANNAH KITTENS which are 20-27% Serval, at Spots of Africa. 

Spots of Africa is a TICA registered cattery striving to provide new best friends to those who wish to “Walk on the Wild Side” with an exotic cat as part of their family.  We hand raise our kittens in our home, with our German Shepherd mix dogs, kids, other cats, and friends. 

Queen Kiara is Due December 7th – F3 BabiesQueen

Daisy is Due December 28th – F4 BabiesQueen

Bubbie is Due January 23rd – F4 Babies


Savannah Kittens!! – Adopt yours now.